Wednesday, July 19, 2017

79 and 80/104 – AND WE’RE BACK!

H is back! I missed the weekend post, because we were busy catching up, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t do things. H and I visited Hugo’s Churros on Sunday:


I was disappointed by how small the churros looked, and how dinky the scoops of ice cream were. Can you even see it in the photo? What did I pay almost $8 for?! There was no way I could’ve made this look pretty, and it wasn’t for lack of trying. The ic ecream churro combo was also too sweet (I had vanilla and pistachio ice cream in the cup). Let’s not come back.

Hugo's Churros Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Back to hanging out with my teddy bear boyfriend (girlfriend?), who doesn’t love hiking as much as I’d like him to. Luckily, we snuck in this hike to Eagle Bluffs:


It was an easy hike, except for the first 45 minutes or so when I almost fainted going uphill. This is one I’d like to come back with my drone and the floaty that I’ll be ordering after I pay off the drone.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 7 of H in Nova Scotia // POQUITO

Free shaken tea at Starbucks today:

It sucked, don’t get it.

I’d rather talk about Poke Bar at SFU, where P and I had dinner after fixing her plant on Tuesday:


It was pretty fresh, and they’re very liberal with the toppings, including kimchi, corn, mango, pineapple… Salad, quinoa, or rice were options for the base, and it came with other one or 2 scoops of the fish. Not that flavorful, maybe it didn’t marinate enough in the sauce because we saw them bring it out just as we ordered…? Who knows, I’m not a poke expert, I’ve only had it one other time. I plan on trying more poke places this summer though – I like how refreshing it is and not heavy, compared to the usual junk I eat. This place is too far for me to go again, but I'd eat it if it was delivered.

Poké Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Also, the one word in the lyrics of Despacito reminds me of Poké. Poquito a poquito…

H is back tomorrow!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 5 and 6 of H in Nova Scotia // NO ONE TOLD YOU LIFE WAS GONNA BE THIS WAY

Met up with M after almost 7 months of not seeing each other. We used to hang out every week, but life catches up with you. We went over to Coco along Marine Drive. I’ve been to a different CoCo location before, but I didn’t like it that time and never gave it another chance. Here I was, waiting for M to get home so he could give me his official wedding invitation, so I had to get a drink:


I had the milk tea with pearls and red bean and grass jelly, which cost about $6… I had to have all those toppings though, because I was craving all of them. I actually really loved it this time – the grass jelly had lots of flavor, and the pearls were just chewy enough. I got 50% sweet, but might go for less next time, especially if I add the red bean.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Back to the whole thing of giving the official wedding invitation… why do we have such weird traditions?

Today, I hung out with H’s mom and her friends, because they wanted to try Tatsu. It’s a bit strange seeing them without H. Only 2 more days until he’s back…

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 4 of H in Nova Scotia // FOUND A HAIR

Went to SFU. Repotted P’s snake plant. Had dinner with her at SFU, but before I blog about the poké we had for dinner, let’s talk about dessert - ice cream at Earnest Ice Cream along Fraser St:
Best ice cream, it’s always just the right amount of sweet and actually tastes like the flavour that it’s advertised to be. I had the sweet cream (on bottom), and P had the salted chocolate (top), and we split it by putting the top of the double scoop into a cup. There was a tiny little black hair actually in the ice cream. I couldn't tell where it's from, and it was mixed into the ice cream, so it couldn't have been a piece of dust that fell onto it.

Earnest Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The hair was so tiny and it wasn't curly or anything so I ate it anyways... Is that gross?

Great news today. Next year should come sooner.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 3 of H in Nova Scotia // DRONE

I have a craving for a hearty brunch, must be the sleep deprivation. Red Wagon would really hit the spot right now.


I came here with my mother one day. I had the breakfast with the pancakes and potatoes and eggs and added some JD syrup on the side.


Mother had the special, with the eggs and I think benedict sauce, beets and other veggies on the bottom. I loved this because it’s so fresh. Service is alright, they’re so busy that the servers really gotta pay attention.

The Red Wagon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

D and I hit up Murrin for the views today:


I’m ready to start flying. I got the DJI Spark.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Day 2 of H in Nova Scotia // LITTLE THINGS

It’s the little things that add up to make a big difference. Here’s a list of “little” things that I thought about today while H is guiding his kids in Nova Scotia and I was hiking (if you have any questions about this bottom of Brandywine Falls hike, email me using contact info on About page):


1. This little plastic squirrel (beaver? whatever.) that I thought was a candy and that I tried to eat because I was hungry, waiting at Milestones on Robson:


I could’ve choked on this little pointy thing. There was also the small portion of popcorn shrimp that was deceptive at first, because of the real popcorn underneath all of it. This really bothered me. I’m paying close to $14 for a handful of POPCORN?! If the whole container was full of shrimp (which were also little), then I wouldn’t be so upset at the price. A’s seafood pasta was oversalted and I’m sure my kidneys are suffering from just one mouthful of the spaghetti that she shared with me. I only came to this place because it was A’s farewell party, and she’s sort of amazing so I had to say bye. Not coming back unless I have to.

Milestones Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


2. Little habits and mannerisms add up, and become glaringly obvious to the point that they’re all I notice. Legs shaking, nose twitching, chewing loudly, unnecessary remarks/actions for attention or for whatever reason. Now I know this could be an uncontrollable physical/psychological thing, and I am trying to let it go. BUT SOMETIMES…!!! Tonight for example:

Scene – Soup is done, in the pot on the stove. Everybody is finishing dinner around the table, and to wrap up the meal, like true Asians, we drink soup.

Person1: Let me get you some soup. *starts to get up from the table to get me soup

Person2: OH I’M GOING FIRST. *jumps up quickly and heads to the pot first to get first dibs from a huge pot of soup

Now, I asked questions because I’m trying this new thing. I tried to be kind and understand why Person2 needed to be first to get the soup when there was so much and Person2 had been just sitting there with an empty bowl for at least 5 minutes prior to Person1 getting up from the table. The soup was already done a while before dinner started.

Me: Just wondering... Why did you get up when Person1 decided to get up?

Person2 had no good response other than a scowl and“What’s the problem?” in a very defensive tone.

3. Small acts of kindness, like Person1 getting up to get me soup out of the kindness of their heart. M asking D how his leg was, because she noticed a huge cut there and is a caring person. J planning a party for A. Friends going out of their way to keep showing up and be supportive. Food sharing even though you love what you bought for dinner and the portions are small!

4. Human beings are actually really tiny, adding our mark on the world (see photo above of waterfall). We did the Brandywine Falls hike again. One of the rocks we walked by ended up tumbling into the water. My big picture side makes me wonder... What will that fallen rock do to change the grand scheme of things?

Saturday, July 8, 2017

DAY 1 of H in Nova Scotia // COMMERCIAL DRIVE

Went out for a coffee and some alone time at The Drive Coffee Bar:

the drive coffee bar

This place wasn’t too busy at around noon today, with 2 baristas. They have good strong coffee. I had the iced lavender latte, sat on their little patio, and researched places to go in Taiwan. I liked that it was quiet and peaceful, despite being on a busy street and I will be back to try other coffees (or maybe a beer). 
The Drive Coffee Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I’m glad I have these hobbies to keep me busy while H is out of town. Here was coffee number 1 from earlier today, and my new baby plants from the Prickly Pear sale:

the prickly pear

Plants from Prickly Pear, around $9.
Terrarium from garage sale, $2.
Coffee from Nespresso, around $0.75. Lol.

I’m trying to budget so I can get my drone this month on Amazon Prime Day.