Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Met up with some pals for brunch at 33 Acres and had some coffee…

From top, clockwise: americano, cappuccino, latte

…and some beer batter waffles topped with ham infused butter…

…and I think I really liked it. Strong coffee, perfectly poached eggs (the others had this), and just a great atmosphere. It’s such a busy place at around 11AM though, I’m not sure if I’d go back on a Sunday Brunchday.

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Being busy is being lucky, says my mother. Being busy is a disease, says the Internet. I personally like to keep busy, I have plans to make plans… The coming year should be a busy one, with lots of plans to travel, explore, and develop those skills I already got. I recently (yesterday) purchased Your Chinese Horoscope 2017 by Neil Somerville, and I’m so excited to read it. The rest of this darn Monkey year is just dragging on and on! 10 more days till we reach the end of this torturous year…

Saturday, January 14, 2017

54/104 TWO EIGHT

I thought I’d put in the effort to plan a party, but ended up getting way too busy with things that life throw at you. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel though. Here’s how I’ve been celebrating so far:
happy birthday to me
Price Smart Dark Forest cake at work. Their cakes have always been surprisingly good, and this one did not disappoint. Thanks guys.
happy birthday to me
Fauborg!!!! Rich and full of flavors, aroma, texture, gold flakes. This was their espresso chocolate one I think… Not sure as H ordered it for me. It’s a little too rich for everyday, but such a treat for my birthday. Thanks H and family.

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happy birthday to me

Donuts from Cartem’s instead of cake. Had a bit of the earl grey (pretty good), london fog (B’s favorite, cream filled and pretty good), coconut cream (cream filled again, and average), honey parmesan (I didn’t taste any parmesan, but apparently everybody else did), and the walnut (average).  The light in this Main Street location is fabulous though, and it smelled so good that I started salivating once I stepped inside. I still prefer Lucky’s though. Sorry B!

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Much gratitude to everybody for starting this year with me. Birthdays are sure different from what they used to be. I’m starting to prefer the smaller groups, partly because it’s so hard to get everybody together. It’s usually worth the effort, but it’s also impossible to plan. I guess once the babies start coming, we’ll be even busier. We’re not even past January, and there’s been a lot of baby talk this year already. I’m not ready for this. I still have so many places to go!

Battle of the donuts continues…

Monday, January 9, 2017


Went to Boiling Point for what must be the 7th time. Every time I go, I try something new. They only have 10 different flavors, and the only ones I haven’t had are the Beef, Veggie Tomato, and the Curry Fishball, so I must’ve been there 7 times. Today was the 7th, and I had their Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soup:

It’s bright, flaming red.

Noodles included. Milk tea sold separately, but highly recommended to put out the flames.
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Lucky number seven. This was so spicy, it’s been 3 hours since I had it, and my stomach is still burning. My body feels like it’s on fire. I probably have an ulcer now. It did clear up the sinuses and wake me up, after another long day. I’m just twirling around in life right now.

So relatable .-.

I just wanted to be at home tonight, go do some yoga, and chill out, because class is starting tomorrow. I guess things don’t always go according to plan, but it sucks when it’s because of other people. I mean, H’s problems are my problems, and I’ll be there if he really needs me, but I guess I just didn’t see the dire need for me to be there right now when I can barely take care of myself. WHAT ABOUT ME?! Well, I guess I have this blog to vent and be emo, so that I can be my usual self in real life. Thanks for reading.

More about my Boiling Point experiences here:


Sunday, January 8, 2017

53/104 BALANCE

First week of 2017 is over. It’s been a busy one, life doesn’t seem to want to slow down, even after the holidays have ended.

I tried to chase the sunrise at the Richmond Dyke on New Year’s Day too, but never got around to posting about it, likely because the photos didn’t turn out as I’d hoped (clouds in the way):


We might be so busy because we’re still house hunting! I say “we”, but it’s mostly fallen onto H’s plate, because he’s the one who will be living there with his ‘rents, but I’m just going along for support. I hope we get this resolved by the end of this month, because it’s really quite stressful. Life is too short for this.
Shang Noodle HouseBest egg Not worth
Went to Shang Noodle House in Richmond after one particularly stressful afternoon of it. I had their Special B, which consists of Japanese BBQ pork miso ramen, 3 takoyaki balls, and a drink (I had the hot lemon water). CHECK OUT THAT PERFECTLY COOKED MARINATED EGG. Cheese tart was just OK, probably wouldn’t order again because I didn’t like the watery consistency of the cheese custard, and the tart was possibly store bought. The soup for the noodles wasn’t too salty, as I wasn’t chugging water all night. Total cost for 2 people was about $30, which is relatively cheap for dinner. The one thing that really stops me from going back more frequently is the lack of service. What can you expect from a busy Chinese restaurant?

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That’s all for tonight folks. Maybe I’ll find time to post more tomorrow about the Lions Club charity concert I attended tonight… Most likely not though.

Hoping to find that balance of enough stress to drive me towards pursuing my goals, and enough rest to make sure I’m alive to see my dreams fulfilled. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Met up with A, who was back from the far away lands of northern (middle?) BC, at Le Marche St. George. The soup was a bit too sour, but tasted really organic and super healthy. It was balanced quite well with the crispy, cheese croissant toast. Coffee very strong. Forgot to ask A how her London Fog tasted, but it looked really pretty with the latte art on top. This little corner shop cafe is just bumpin’. I’m sure I’ll be back with other friends too.

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We talked about life – work, family, house, boys, cats, food… A’s sister apparently thinks I’m always in a sunny place, from following my Instagram. That made me laugh a little. Thanks, young A!

Trying to clear out some junk in my life to make space for new projects…

Saturday, December 31, 2016

52/52 NEW YEARS EVE 2016

This is going to be a slow new years eve. I feel the urge to stay in, be an introvert, and mourn the end of another year. I always feel like I haven’t done enough. What have I accomplished?
What did you manifest this year? – Aaliyah @YYOGA
Let’s start with yesterday, New Year’s Eve eve:

I made breakfast.

I went skiing. P had a leak in his front tire, something punctured it, so he didn’t get to go, and ended up being our driver. Thanks dude.

I ate some more at Kyo, but it was a disappointing meal. Top left: beef teriyaki. Top right: Aburi (not really though?)

I think I know what aburi sushi should taste like, as I’ve had some great ones before around Vancouver. I came to Kyo last year, and it blew my mind that they offered such aburi for $30 a person, all you can eat. It obviously wasn’t going to be as good as the ones offered by “authentic” Japanese restaurants, (based on my little experience with Miku, Victoria Sushi, Kishimoto), but I was able to distinguish it from regular sushi. This time around, it looked like they just torched some regular sushi and put on a line of sauce. Their cooked food was disgusting as well, with the most memorable being the beef teriyaki. We were all shocked at how it looked like it might have been boiled, or microwaved, and it was still cold. The menu had some changes too, and didn’t have the same options that would spark joy (prawn tempura? udon?). There are other things I could rant on about... But moving on. 

Never going back.

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I went to a onesie Christmas party, but was too tired and ended up leaving early. Too old for this.

Thinking back through the rest of the year, it’s hard to think of things that I’ve accomplished, off the top of my head. The same applies though to the opposite – what did I do that I wasn’t satisfied with?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

merry. + 51/52

Winter holidays wouldn’t really be complete without Boxing Day shopping, dim sum, and a trip to the mountains. We did our shopping online at Air Canada (looking forward to travels in the new year!), taking advantage of the 15% deal (code GIFT2016), and we had our dim sum on Boxing Day with T, who was back from Edmonton, M, J&K, who were back from Calgary. We made it up to Cypress today, with M, who was back from Waterloo:


We made some new friends with the Grey Jay residents of Hollyburn:


After an hour on our rented snowshoes (much too short but we had other plans), we went to Boiling Point in Burnaby for lunch with M, M, and C. H and i will be back to snowshoe more. We will also be back to Boiling Point to try all the other soups (#goals2017?). Lunch is a better deal than dinner, you get a cold tea to go with the meal, and it’s $1 less.

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More links to information on Hollyburn:

Snowshoe rentals and ticket to access trails for 2 people were about $55. I now have heart burn because of too much food in the past 4 days, and not enough exercise. It's so nice to have everybody back in Vancouver. 


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